How many types of aluminium profiles are there?

Dec 30, 2022
Aluminum profile refers to the aluminum material with different cross-sectional shapes obtained by hot-melting and extruding aluminum bars. It is a kind of metal raw material widely used in all walks of life in modern times.

Aluminum profiles are classified by use:

1. Architectural aluminum profiles: aluminum profiles for doors and windows and aluminum profiles for curtain walls;

Architectural aluminum profiles

2. Heat sink aluminum profile: mainly used for heat dissipation of various power electronic equipment, LED lighting fixtures, and computer digital products.

 Heat sink aluminum profile

3. Industrial aluminum profiles: mainly used in industrial production and manufacturing, such as automated machinery and equipment; and each company customizes molds according to its own machinery and equipment requirements, such as assembly line conveyor belts, elevators, dispensers, testing equipment, shelves, etc.

Industrial aluminum profiles

4. Aluminum profiles for auto parts: auto parts, etc.

5. Furniture aluminum profiles: furniture decoration frames, table and chair supports, etc.

Furniture aluminum profiles

6. Solar photovoltaic profiles: solar aluminum profile frames, solar photovoltaic brackets, solar photovoltaic tile fasteners, etc.

Solar photovoltaic aluminum profiles

7. Aluminum alloy profiles for rail vehicle structures: mainly used in the manufacture of rail vehicle bodies.

8. Decorative aluminum profile: aluminum alloy photo frame, etc.

Decorative aluminum profile

9. Aluminum profiles for medical devices: frames of stretchers, medical devices, medical beds, etc.

Aluminum profiles for medical devices